Team Surfing Sites

What is Team Surfing?

Team Surfing is simply a group made up of active members seeking to network with one another and gain greater rewards based on their overall activity.

Some teams are only allowed 25, but I have seen as high as 75. Depending on what the site owner has decided he wants in a team.

How do I join a Team?

If you have not received an invitation from a Team Captain, you may ask to join one by clicking the “Top Teams” tab. In the column where it says “Join”, simply click “Ask Captain” once you have found our Team. It is up to the Team Captain to accept or deny your request. Team Captains cannot join Teams outside of their own.

On this page I will list for you the sites where we have created surfing teams
our  team name is Eager Beavers.

Manual Hits:

Traffic Pharaoh:



As we add more I will add them here!