Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start?

If you are just starting your journey through online marketing, the place to begin would be with a good program that you can easily earn money from on a regular basis.   This will be the program you advertise all over once you are set up.

Those of you that are already online marketers and have one or more programs started, Click Here for good advertising options.

The program that I use is SwagBucks.  I am an avid online shopper, so this was the best choice for me.  This site pays you in SB (SwagBucks) for shopping, doing surveys, watching videos, and a lot more. Do not worry if you do not shop online, you will still earn here!  The first thing you will notice is that it says get paid in gift cards. This is true, they have all the best stores and restaurants and travel gift cards available, BUT they also have the option of sending your earnings to PayPal! That is mostly what I do, only when I want to treat my Family or for vacations will I get other cards.

I will let the site give you more details, please Click Here
to learn all the ways to earn SB and join if this is a good fit for you.
I can tell you that since I started with SwagBucks, I have enjoyed 2 meals out with my Family and one hotel room with the cards. I have also sent almost $100 to my PayPal account. As of writing this post, I have almost 10,000 SB in my account and it grows everyday I earn. (that is another $100!)  So, if I can make money here, so can You!

There are millions of programs like this online that I have seen, so if SwagBucks is not for you, please find a program that works for you and you have started your online journey!

The next step is to advertise your programs, I have listed some of my favorite places Here!

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