How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Your Claim?

Drivers may not see a motorcyclist on the road until it is too late. When carelessness results in a serious accident, the driver at fault must be held accountable.

Injured motorcycle accident victims may find roadblocks to getting the compensation they need to recover from the motorcycle crash. Insurance companies profit by paying as little as they can to motorcycle accident victims.  It is common practice for the insurance company to attempt to blame the rider for the accident or delay paying out the motorcycle accident claim.

The first step toward getting the compensation you need to cover your medical bills and other damages is to call the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Munley Law.  We will answer your questions at no charge, and help you determine what to do next. If you choose to hire us to represent you, we’ll handle everything from that day forward, so you can focus on healing from your injuries while we fight for the money you are owed.

At Munley Law, our motorcycle accident lawyer will help you file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Lost wages or lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Altered quality of life

In the worst cases, we help victims’ families pursue wrongful death claims against at-fault drivers in order to get justice for their loved ones and provide future security for their families.

At your free consultation, our motorcycle lawyers will review your claim, then provide you with the legal options that could help your claim. We will fight on your behalf against the insurance companies to make sure you get the maximum compensation for your motorcycle accident claim. And, if necessary, we will represent you in the courtroom.

Here is how our personal injury lawyers can help with your claim:

Investigate the Motorcycle Accident


After any type of accident, a thorough investigation is needed to find the root cause of the crash and who can be held at fault for the accident. Using expert witnesses, accident reconstructionists, and private investigators, we will discover who was responsible so your motorcycle accident claim is well supported.

Calculating Damages

The full effects of your motorcycle crash may not be immediately apparent. It is important to understand the full extent of the losses you have suffered and how your accident will continue to affect your life in the future.

We will carefully review your medical records with the help of a licensed physician after the motorcycle accident to evaluate how extensive the injuries are and how much compensation you will need to recover from the crash.

Other forms of damages include lost wages; we will evaluate how your injuries will impact your earning power in the future. We will also consider the many ways your injuries will affect your quality of life: your ability to enjoy activities, care for your family, get around your home, and more. All of these things will influence the overall value of your damages.

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Once we determine how much your motorcycle accident case may be worth, we will begin the negotiation process with the insurance company. Sometimes, the negotiations can be settled within a few weeks or months; other times, it may take longer, especially if the case is complicated and you have suffered catastrophic injuries.

Motorcycle insurance requirements vary by state. In Pennsylvania, for example, motorcycle riders are required to carry motorcycle insurance. The minimum coverage is $15,000 bodily injury per person, $30,000 per accident, $5000 in personal injury protection, and $5000 in property damage. Needless to say, the $5,000 PIP coverage for injuries is unlikely to cover the cost of your medical treatment if you get into a motorcycle crash.

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